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Q&A with Kirby Michael Wright, Question #1

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Julia & Chipper

How does writing differ from your other jobs?

It’s more rewarding. Writing helps you document your life and allows you to go back in time and express how you felt in the past. I think that’s important because it helps you understand who you are today. When the founder of Wal-Mart died, he left hundreds of millions to his family but never left any record of himself behind through a story or even a poem. What do we know about his interior world? Writing also allows you get down the stories of your elders. For example, THE QUEEN OF MOLOKA’I focuses on my paternal grandmother’s life in the islands and begins two generations before I was born. Julia Wright deserves to be remembered because of all the hardships she overcame. Now this isn’t a praise book. Far from it. It’s Julia’s story, warts and all.

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